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How to add tax (VAT) value to a new order in Shopify via Zapier?

  • 28 March 2024
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I use Checkout Page to manage payments through donation forms on our website.

Whenever a donator subscribes (pays for a donation with recurring payment, meaning he/she subscribes to donate every month) on Checkout Page, a new order is created in Shopify by Zapier.

During the donation payment, we don’t collect taxes (VAT) on the sums that donators pay (so when a donator subscribes to a 2 € per month plan, he/she will pay 2 € only, the tax is already included in those 2 €).

My problem is that Zapier does not send any tax value to Shopify. That means that I can not create any VAT value for each new order in Shopify via Zapier (20% in our country).

Do you know how to add a VAT (tax) value to a new order in Shopify via Zapier?

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Hi @SORTIRAPARIS, welcome to the Community! 🙂

You’re not the first to ask about this, there’s another thread in the Community discussing a feature request for the ability to set the tax values for new orders in Shopify here:

I checked on the feature request and it’s still not implemented, so I’ve added your vote to that feature request which will help to increase it’s priority. I can’t give any sort of ETA as to when it would be possible to specify the tax amount but we’ll definitely email you once it becomes possible to do so. 

Since we’e already got one topic discussing this feature request I’m going to close this one. There’s a workaround (using Shopify’s API Request action to create the order) suggested on that main topic which you may want to explore in the meantime. For anyone that comes across this and wants their vote added as well, please reach out on the main topic and we’ll get your vote added.