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Does Shopify's Create Order Zap Support Tax & Paid by Customer?

Hey there - first post!

I’m using Shopify’s Create Order Zap to create an order from an external marketplace. I’ve been able to trigger the zap from an incoming order email, and I’m able to create the order in Shopify, however experiencing a couple issues and I’m hoping to find out if it’s a shortcoming of the Shopify Create Order Zap, or if I’m doing something wrong (in Zapier or in Shopify):

  1. Tax - I’m not seeing any taxes in the created order. I’m pretty sure I’ve configured Shopify correctly to apply 10% tax for my country (Australia) and I’ve confirmed the shipping address is being recognized by Shopify as bein Australia. But, I’m just seeing the item price with no tax.
  2. Paid by Customer - While the Shopify Zap can set the STATUS to Paid, the order still shows as $0 paid by customer. I need it to show the correct paid by customer amount.

Q) Are these known shortcomings of Shopify’s Zap or am I doing something wrong? :(

Appreciate any help!



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Hi @ZapNoob34 ,

Thanks for reaching out! I see that Jeremey in Support has been in touch and provided the below response which I am sharing in case other members have a similar question: 

Currently, I'm afraid it's not possible to apply tax to the order or update the "Paid by Customer Amount." We do have feature requests open for both of these issues though, and I've made sure to add your email to those internal requests. If we do add this functionality in the future, we'll be sure to let you know.

Hi @Liz_Roberts, I need that feature as well! Could you inform me as well please as soon as it’s ready. 

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@cknb - absolutely! Your vote has been added and we will notify you with any updates via email. 


This is very odd. I can’t create an order with the tax and shipping information, and I see here that it’s because it’s not supported by the “Premium” Shopify App. 

How can be useful this integration if you can’t create an order with all its information. It’s like creating an order without been able to specify quantities of each line-item.

Please advise,


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Hi @cesar!

It looks like you’ve contacted our Support team and they sent you a response with some instructions :) Please respond to that message, since our Support team will have more access to your Zaps, our logs, etc.

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I assume this is still an issue? It breaks the system, not being able to charge tax.

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@jvm986 - this is an open feature request that I have added you to so any updates will be shared with you via email.

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This renders the entire integration useless?


When creating orders, it will report all revenue as $0.00 in the stores analytics….


Why is this still a “request”?

any updates about this? I need this feature

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Hi @dan003400 and @picegallery 👋

I’m so sorry we missed your posts here previously! I’ve checked on the feature request and it’s still open unfortunately. I’ve added both of your votes to the feature request so we can contact you as soon as it’s added.

In the meantime, it looks like it should be possible to specify the tax amounts when creating an order via Shopify’s API so you might be able to get around this using Shopify’s API Request (Beta) action. It’s a bit more advanced to set up than Shopify’s other actions as you’d need to reference Shopify’s API documentation ( to set up the request but we do have a more general guide on how to set up that sort of action I’d recommend reading as well: Set up an API request action

Hope that helps in the meantime, if you run into any issues setting up that API Request action do let us know, happy to help further! 🙂