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How to add multiple Airtable records to Google Slides?

  • 15 April 2020
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Hi all!

It's easy to get 1 new Airtable record into Google Slides with a zap. However, I have multiple rows that I need in 1 Google Slides document. Currently, I am only able to add the Column names as tags for the slides, which does not support adding multiple rows.

In short: I want every row to populate 1 slide in Google Slides. So whenever I have 10 rows of data, it should create 10 slides in 1 Google Slides document. 

Does anybody have an idea how to go about this?

Thanks in advance!


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3 replies

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Hey @Saastronomical,

Thanks for replying! I have made a variation. 

This is currently the set-up of the zap:


This is the airtable setup:

Whenever I add a row with information and check the box in “Add to slides”, it should show up In the view “Approved slides”, those are the rows that should end up in the slides.


Example slide:

So what should happen is that every row that ends up in the “Approved slides” view, should end up in the presentation. Every row should be a separate slide. How? And is that even possible?


Sorry for the words in Dutch!

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Sorry for the words in Dutch!

No probleem!


I guess the limitation is that you are filling out pre-populated fields as part of the template, when you don’t know how many fields you’re going to have. 

What you’re trying to do will definitely be possible, but might need some creative structuring of your Airtable (I would recommend two tables to start - One for the project and the other for the presentation)

A workaround without code would be just to create multiple single-slide presentations and merge them all into one when you’re ready

Otherwise, you’d need to use a bit of code I think to go exactly what you’re looking for 


(But keen to know if anyone else has ideas here)



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Hey Pim,


Would you be able to share the template you’re trying to use - Or a variation of this? 


Also a screenshot of how your zap is currently set up and how you’d like it to be set up would also be super helpful!