How do I update the date column in Google Calendar to be uploaded to the Monday board?

  • 3 August 2022
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Hi all,

I’m trying to feed project start/stop dates from Monday into Google Calendar and can’t seem to set up the automatic update zaps. I know there’s a 2-zap process for having GCal events update via GSheets, but I’m using Monday and haven’t figured it out yet.

I have a Project Board that contains 4 date columns: Pre-Pro Start, Pre-Pro End, Production Start and Production End. I’m able to get these into Google Calendar no problem, but by the time I add the item/project, Zapier has already run the trigger and the GCal events uses default date values before I can fill those fields in on Monday. Also, this means anything create in GCal is immediately obsolete once we have date updates for a project.

Currently, I have two zaps that create GCal events for each new item in my project board.  Any insight would be greatly appreciated! 





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4 replies

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Hi @stgeer

Good question.

Try adding a Filter step to your Zap that checks the required fields exists with values.

You may need another column (e.g. Status) in your Monday Board to use to trigger the Zaps.

I’m trying this process but it hasn’t gotten me anywhere

  • Trigger: Monday - Specific Column Value Changed in Board 
  • Column ID set to a date column that will be updated (Start Date)
  • Action: Update Event in Google Calendar
  • Set to update all events, mapped Column IDs for Start and End Dates to update
  • Failed to create an update event in Google Calendar - The app returned "Not Found"

Not sure how to implement a Filter step here. I also tried adding a Find step with GCal with no success. I’m sure I’m just missing a key step in here somewhere. Thanks for the help.

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In order to update a GCal Event, you will need the GCal Event ID.

You can use a GCal Find Event step to search for the desired Event.

Perhaps post screenshot with how each of your Zap steps are configured in order for us to have more context.

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Hey there, @stgeer! I wanted to swing by and see if you were still needing help with this? 

If so, feel free to share your zap setup - with any personal details removed and we’re happy to troubleshoot with you!