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How do I unenroll a student from all courses in a bundle?

  • 27 April 2022
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Hi everyone!
I’m trying to set a zap that unenroll students from a bundle, a teachable feature that merge several courses in one princing plan.

In the zap options there is only a “unenroll students from course” option, but I want zapier to unenroll from all courses in a bundle.

A solution might be to add like 10 unenrolls zaps for every course in the bundle, but if I do that teachable will still count the student enrolled in that bundle.

There is no way to address a bundle with zapier? Like by id, with a webhook or something else?



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Hi @Rukaiko 

Good question.

The Teachable API only allows for unenrolling from Courses which is why their Zap app only has that available action.


Since I have control over my Stripe account, do you think there is a way to send a “fake” unsubscription on stripe via zapier that teachable recognize as a trigger for unenrolling that student mail/id from the bundle?  

Or better, if there is a way I can make a “fake” subscription on teachable/stripe 🤔