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How do I separate passenger details from a Rezdy order into individual rows on a Google Sheet using Zapier?

  • 16 February 2024
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Hi Friends,

I’m still fairly new to Zapier, so just bare with me, I have looked and couldn’t find a related topic to answer my question. I’m trying to create a zap that adds details of passengers from a Rezdy order onto a google sheet - where there are multiple passengers on the same order, with a separate row for each passenger.

The lead passenger’s details are easy as they’re all separate fields, but for subsequent passengers it bundles all of their details (name, phone number, email address etc) into one field in the Zap:


I’ve tried using formatter and split text:


But when I test it’s still comes out on one line:


I’ve tried using Utilities to format text to line-item and line-item to text and I can’t seem to find the right option for what I need.  Ultimately I want each passenger to be separated onto a row of their own on the google sheet, such as:


Please help! :-) 


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3 replies

Thanks so much Sam! I’ll have a look at the workaround and give that a go 🙂

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You are most welcome, @Lyndalh. Fingers crossed that workaround will do the trick! 🤞 

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Hi @Lyndalh. Welcome to the Community! 🎉 

Hmm, I did some checking on this end and it looks like you’re running into a bug where the line-item data isn’t being received in the expected format. And that’s causing all the values to be squashed together instead of having the participant first names, last names, and phone data etc. available to select in separate line items.

So I’ve added you to the list of folks being affected by this issue. I can’t give any estimate as to when it might be resolved by but we will definitely notify you by email as soon as that’s solved.

In the meantime there’s a workaround for similar situations that might be worth exploring:

Hope that helps. If you run into any issues in setting up that workaround do let us know - happy to help further! 🙂