How do I search for a Copper lead using a phone number?

  • 7 October 2022
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We are trying to get add the content of a RING CENTRAL SMS to a lead/person in Copper added as a note. I can read the message content, but am unable to get it to write the note.  

I believe it was because it wants the ID of the person, which I don’t have from ring. So..  I created a lookup in copper, but work phone is not an option. Has anybody been able to do this?


My only options for the lookup?


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2 replies

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Hi @DevopsSOMG 


You can use Zapier Webhooks to create a web hook to search by custom field as shown here in their API documentation.


The custom field in your case would be the Phone Number. BUT is it a text based field or a numeric field? Because in case it is a text field then it cannot be used in the search as per the documentation. 


sorry, haven't used Copper CRM before :) 


You can however have a work around but exporting this data to Google Sheets for example including the Copper CRM Lead ID field, then use this to link it back when receiving SMS. 

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Thanks for providing the webhook option, @MohSwellam !

@DevopsSOMG let us know if you were able to give the above suggestion a whirl and how it worked out!