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How do I interact with a custom built GPT? (OpenAI GPT Builder)

  • 29 December 2023
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I have been using the preset action/events for ChatGPT such as ‘Conversation’ and ‘Conversation with Assistant’. The latter is useful to me because the GPT Assistants can be pre-loaded with knowledge and the Zapier action which has been configured has conversation history which is essential for my implementation.

I have however now built my own GPT using the new GPT Builder feature on ChatGPT PLUS, this is similar to a GPT assistant but with more customisation. I would now like to interact with my custom built GPT in the same way I can interact with an assistant however there is no preset action to interact with a GPT builder instance.

I am guessing this requires me to build a custom action using API calls however I do not have a tech background so this is beyond me. If anyone can help me create a custom action with identical features to ‘conversation with assistant’ but instead make it conversation with a custom built GPT’ that would be amazing!!

Thanks guys


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29 replies

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Happy new year! And welcome to the Community, @lukeashton! 👋

GPTs are different to assistants. You can learn more about the differences between GPTs and assistants here: GPTs vs. Assistants: What's the difference? 

Currently it’s not possible to interact with GPTs in a Zap, but you can use Zapier AI actions within a GPT. See our Zapier AI actions in other apps guide for more details.

Hope this helps to get you pointed in the right direction. If you have any further questions or run into any issues in setting up AI actions do let us know! 🙂

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Friendly greetings @SamB and Happy New Year to you too!

When will Custom GPTs be supported in a Zap? I was searching and it led me to this post, I wonder if @lukeashton and myself have a similar use case. I’d like to use the same prompting that I do with the base ChatGPT, but switch it over to a custom GPT that can send back text AND images as I have it configured.

What I want to do:

  1. In a Slack channel (or other tool), type a prompt which triggers the Zap
  2. The prompt gets passed by Zapier to my custom GPT
  3. My custom GPT parses and generates the output (which is NOT just text but also an image)
  4. Zapier sends it back to Slack, so I see the expected text AND image.

I want to see all input/output in Slack. I do not want to have to go to the OpenAI website.

By “custom GPT” I am referring to this:

(Not “CustomGPT” with the purple brain logo, which is confusingly named and different.)

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Hello @TORLEY, happy new year to you too! 🎉
Unfortunately we don’t have any ETA for when it would become possible to interact with custom GPTs in a Zap.

That said, the OpenAI app on Zapier has the ability to generate images using DALL·E, and the ChatGPT app is able to interact with the Assistants API. So perhaps you could use a combination of the ChatGPT and/or OpenAI apps in a Zap along side Slack’s Workflow builder and the Slack app to handle the interactions from within Slack.

Might that sort of approach work for the desired workflow?

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@SamB Thanks for your timely reply. Are you able to share if custom GPTs are on the roadmap “sometime”? It would be good to know if they are planned, as opposed to “Nope, we’re not doing that”.

Alas trying to find a kludgy way to get close wouldn’t achieve the intended result. The whole point of the custom GPT we have setup is to streamline the info in one place.

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The marketplace is coming out, and millions, including myself, will want to use their newly purchased GPTS in long chains with Zapier. I'm sure your competitors are all over this. 

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Apologies for the delay in my reply here @TORLEY and @wb-social.

I’m not aware of any plans on that front - there don’t appear to be any existing feature requests open to have custom GPT access added to the ChatGPT or OpenAI apps. I’d recommend reaching out to the Support team to flag your interest in this, they’ll be able to open up a feature request for that so we can start tracking user interest in being able to interact with a GPT via a Zap. You can get in touch with them via the contact form here:

Sorry to not have a more immediate solution here. If I do hear any news around this I’ll be sure to share it with y’all here! 

This feature is so crucial - where can i support the feature request. Iv’e been up for days trying to wrap my head around a solution but nothing comes close to a clean direct prompt to your custom gpt 😓

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Hi @Zappyboy, thanks for reaching out here 🙂

I did some checking and it appears that there’s recently been a feature request opened up for custom GPT support to be added to the ChatGPT app which our Support team have already added you too. 

So I’ve gone ahead and the votes of everyone in this thread to that feature request here to help increase it’s priority. While I can’t provide any estimate as to when it might become possible to interact with a GPT in a Zap but we’ll notify you all by email the minute it is! 


I’m also very interested by this feature, let me know when it will be available please 🙏

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Hi @FoxLive!

Thanks for expressing your interest in having support for custom GPTs added to the ChatGPT app on Zapier. I’ve added your vote to the feature request for this. As I mentioned previously, we can’t share any estimates for when or if this will definitely be implemented, but we’ll definitely email you if it is added. 🙂

Any updates on this functionality becoming available?


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Hi @RichieWray 👋

I’ve just re-checked the feature request and it’s still open. Really wish I could provide some sort of ETA on when you might be able to expect it to be implemented by. Please know that as soon as we have any news on this we’ll be sure to share it in the thread here. 

For now, I’ve added your vote to the feature request so we’ll definitely contact you once this functionality becomes available. Thanks for everyone’s continued patience in the meantime. 

Yes please! Defo need this in my life. Thank you. 🙂

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Your vote has now been added, @Earl AdSkills! 😁

I can’t make any promises as to when this functionality might become available but you can expect an email from us as soon as it is.

I’m interested too ! I’d like to be notified when available please

Will it be possible to use publics custom GPTs in our zaps in the future ? (not only the GPTs we build).


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I’ve added you to the list as well now @Jordaan. 🙂

I can’t make any promises on whether support for custom GPTs added will definitely be implemented or give any sort of timeline on this. 

But we will definitely notify everyone here by email if it is added. And we’ll keep this thread updates with any news or workarounds we come across in the meantime. 

Please let me know when this is available as well, very excited!

add me to the list as well please. this is a crucial feature request. Whoever implements this first will get my business. I count on you Zapier. Also let me know when this feature is released. thanks in advance

please also update me

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Hi there @ItsBusinessBro,@surf4life,@twissman 👋

Thanks for sharing your interest here. Your votes have been added to the feature request but unfortunately the team have now decided not to pursue that feature request at this time. As after further investigation it was confirmed that it is not currently possible to get external access to GPTs


Sorry for the less than ideal news here. If anything changes on the status of this feature request, we’ll be sure to let you all know right away! 

Please do reach out in the Community if you have any questions in the meantime.

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@SamB While this is disappointing to hear, it’s beyond Zapier’s control and we understand. Thanks for the update.

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Thanks @TORLEY, really appreciate your understanding on this. 🤗

Hopefully things will change on OpenAI’s end and we’ll be able to revisit this in the near future! 🤞

Please add my vote for custom GPT support! Thanks

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Hey @TechRon! 👋

Your vote has been added. That said, the feature request has been closed for now as it’s not currently possible due to limitations on OpenAI’s end. If things change with OpenAI and it becomes possible to add support for custom GPTs we’ll be sure to reopen the feature request, and get in touch if it’s implemented. 🙂