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How do I have Zoho leads entered into approval queue?

  • 13 April 2023
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I’m making a zap to have new leads submitted via gravity forms, go into zoho. The leads are going through without issue, but the problem is we need them in the “Approval” page (/Leads/actions/approvals) of Leads and they’re instead going into the general lead queue.


What can I set to have it go to approval? With zoho’s webforms there’s an option “Request for Approval” which can be toggled on, but I don’t see any equivalent in the fields zapier is displaying.


Thanks for any help/suggestions!


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Hi @effectivesite 

Welcome to the Community! I'm sorry you’re having trouble with your Zap.

You may want to try the Filter by Zapier action step.

You can check more about the filter step here.

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Thanks Brem. Appreciate the idea, but I’m not trying to filter submissions, I’m just trying to get all submissions to be sent correctly.

With the zoho web to lead forms and other zoho plugins like the gravity forms plugin, there’s a setting you can toggle called “Request for Approval”, which sends leads to the approval queue within the CRM.

There’s nothing to that effect that I can see in what zapier loads for it, but I would guess there’s a way to accomplish it.

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Hi @effectivesite,

Before we dig deeper into this, could you please send a detailed screenshot with how your Zap is configured? Especially, the Zoho step. Please don’t include/blur out any personal information in the screenshot.

Thanks! 😊

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Thanks for the response @ken.a (great facial hair by the way).

Here’s what I’m seeing within Zapier as well as the options provided by zoho’s own forms and their gravity forms add-on plugin which both accomplish what I’m looking to do.


The goal is to have leads go into the approval queue within zoho. Here’s a document explaining what that is:


Here’s the zap I’ve created to send leads from a gravity form submission, then filter if it’s the right country, then create a new module (lead) in zoho:


Zap Overview

Details of creating module in Zoho:

Under the ‘Trigger” field there are three options for me: workflow, approval, blueprint. It seems to me like ‘approval’ would be the solution, but that doesn’t send the lead to the approval queue, nor do the other two, or a blank value. I’m wondering if maybe that Approval option is supposed to do the trick, but it’s just not working correctly.


Here’s what zoho’s native web to lead forms shows. It has a separate value of “Request for Approval” which sends leads to the approval queue. Something to note though is that selecting or deselecting this doesn’t seem to change the form code making me think the value is set on Zoho’s side somewhere.


Here’s what zoho’s gravity form plugin shows to accomplish the same thing. Given that it’s displayed right beside the ‘Workflow mode’ option, it makes me think that maybe the approval mode setting that I’m seeing as an option in the zapier zoho zap is supposed to accomplish this, but it’s just not working correctly 


Please let me know any thoughts or ideas.




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Hi @effectivesite,

Thanks for the additional information.

Here’s what I found in our notes regarding the Approval process queues:

Zoho has two different types of Approval process queues.

  1. Webforms go into a Lead Approval queue within the Leads tab if they've checked the box on the form settings for approval. Zapier leads cannot go into this queue



  1. Zoho has an Approval process rule that users can set up that puts leads into a job queue for them to approve. Here's a document on how that works:

Zapier leads can be caught by this queue using the Trigger -> Approval setting on the Action.

Does this information lead you to the right direction? If not, please let us know.

Thanks! 😊

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Thanks for the thorough answer, @ken.a .

It’s unfortunate leads can’t be put into the approval queue, but I understand that’s a limitation on Zoho’s end and not zapier’s. 

I have a couple of clients alone who require that and would think there must be many more out there. Hopefully you’re able to add it at some point in time!

Thanks again for the help.

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Hi @effectivesite 

You’re welcome.

We hope this can be added to the features of Zoho CRM so that in the future, we can check if this can also be added in the integration.