How do I get the row IDs of a Zapier Table from a Find Records (Output from Line Item)

  • 24 November 2023
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I am creating an interface with a query function for my users. The user enters what they want to find into a field and then the associated Zap finds the data in the source Zapier Table and then puts the results in a Table that is displayed to the user. I’ve got this working, however, all new query requests have the query results added to the bottom on the display table. So, I either need to add the results to the top of the display table, clear the display table or some other option I haven’t thought of so that the user sees their query results displayed back to them (without having to scroll down to find them).

Any ideas?


Query screen with results shown; additional queries do no change rows shown


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3 replies

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Hi @ldrury 

Good question.

Perhaps add a sort to the Table View?

Good idea. Yes, I may be able to add a timestamp column when I add the results of the query to the table. But I don’t see how I can show a View on an Interface. I’m not seeing an option for that.

Any other ideas?


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You may want to try submitting a feature request to the Zapier Interfaces team: