How do I get started with the Woocommerce Zapier plugin?

  • 18 August 2023
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I’ve purchased the woocommerce zapier plugin and installed it in my wordpress site, but very unclear how it is supposed to work. I am trying to use previously made Jotform forms on my site to 1) add new customers to our woocommerce database with a jotform ‘new client’ form, then 2) use that customer data to prepopulate another jotform called ‘consent form’. When trying to create a new ‘zap’ (which is what exactly - an operation to move data from jotform to woocommerce??), I select the ‘new client’ form , but then I am asked for additional action steps. Is the purpose here to tell Zapier what the fields in the jotform mean? 

I’ve tried support docs, but I’m either looking in the wrong place or some basic instructions aren’t there.

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7 replies

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Hi @rdr 

Good question.

To help us have full context, please post detailed screenshots with how your Zapier steps are configured.

Not sure what you are asking. ‘Zapier steps are configured’? I’ve done the following:

  1. installed the woocommerce zapier plugin
  2. attempted to create a zap using the jotform ‘new client form’
  3. action steps. that’s where I’m lost. Am I supposed to match the fields in the jotform with something? Not clear what to do.
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Please post screenshots with how you have attempted to order and configure your Zap steps to help us be able to evaluate and advise.

Here’s some screenshots

When trying to match fields in the Jotform with fields in woocommerce, there are important fields missing in woocommerce that are present in the jotform. Can’t proceed without those additional fields.

OK, I have been able to create a Zap for the New Client Jotform and data was added to the woocommerce customer database. 

The remaining problem here is that there are a number of fields in the New Client Jotform that are not present in the Woocommerce code for customers. These fields contain important information. By contrast, there are several existing fields in the woocommerce customer form that we will never use. Do you know of a woocommerce extension or plugin that would allow existing woocommerce customer fields to be edited or deleted so that I can match the fields in the New Client Jotform with those in the Woocommerce customer database?

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You’d likely have to use the WooCommerce API:

Zap action: WooCommerce - API Request