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How do I get a new row in Google Sheets to auto-populate data into a separate Google Sheet?

  • 11 October 2022
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I have a list of rental properties organized on a CSV file.  I’d like the data to auto-populate onto a google sheet so that I draft multiple letters simultaneously but I can’t seem to figure out out.


Below is what I’ve done so far.

  1. I’ve transferred the CSV data to a new google sheet with a header as Tenant List
  2. I’ve created a form on google sheet with no header as Increase Notice
  3. In Zapier I’ve performed the following
    1. Line 1: New or Updated Spreadsheet Row: to identify new data Tenant List
    2. Line 2: Get Many Spreadsheet Rows: to identify Address row in Increase Notice
    3. Line 3: Get Many Spreadsheet Rows: to identify Rent row in Increase Notice
    4. Line 4: Get Many Spreadsheet Rows: to identify Deposit row in Increase Notice
    5. Line 5: Update Spreadsheet Row: to get data from new row in Tenant List to populate in Increase Notice

At Line 5 however I’m not able to choose the specific cell data from Tenant List to populate into the identified rows for Increase Notice.


Is what I’m attempting not possible?  What might I be missing?


Hope to hear from you soon!


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Hi @SarapObama 👋🏾, let’s try this. Can you go into your sheets and create custom column headers? 

Your initial set up is fine, but you’ll want to be able to choose a specific trigger column to pull from the specific data cells from your Tenant List. See below, my chosen column header is Column Alpha: 

From there, you’ll keep Create Spreadsheet Row as your Action, but we will connect the custom column headers from both sheets. Essentially, you’ll be mapping over each data cell to be replicated in your chosen Google Sheets doc. 

I’ve tested this out, and it appears to be working with about a 5 minute delay. Let me know if this helps!

Okay so if I’m understanding correctly it should be as below?

  • Trigger: New or updated spreadsheet row (Tenant list)
  • Action: Create Spreadsheet Row (Increase Notice)

I’ve updated the app to reflect this but it just creates a new blank row at the bottom of my Increase notice.


What do I need to do to perform the following actions?

  1. Target the custom row in Increase Notice identified as “Rent row in Increase Notice”
  2. Update custom row with rent data from Tenant list
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Hi @SarapObama 


If I understand correctly, the tenant list (which is the trigger) should be sent Increase Notice table so you should actually create a new row instead of Update.