How do I create one order in Shift4Shop that updates as the customer moves through upsells in ClickFunnels?

  • 18 August 2023
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I have a funnel in ClickFunnels that contains multiple upsells and downsells of physical products tied to my Shift4Shop store. I have a successful zap that creates an order when the first upsell is purchased, but I would like to either 1) add the next upsell/downsell to that existing order, or 2) create another order for the next upsell/downsell within the same zap. I just don’t want to have multiple zaps for every upsell in a funnel. If there is only one trigger allowed per zap, I am not sure how I can tell it to look for the upsell in a different funnel step after the first funnel step.

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3 replies

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Hi @Amy S,

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Before we dive deeper, ClickFunnels is able to trigger on all successful sales across your funnels you just need to setup your trigger like this:

(view larger)

Does this point you to the right direction? If you have any other questions, please let me know! 😊

Hi there! It can trigger on all funnel steps, but I need the action to change based on which funnel step is triggered. Is there a way to do that?


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Hi @Amy S,

Probably you can add a Filter by Zapier step in your Zap to achieve your desired workflow. You can read more about Filter by Zapier here:Β

Hopefully, this helps!