How do I create nested project folders in Box for new clients in Zapier?

  • 4 January 2024
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Hi all,

I’d like to create a folder structure with subfolders. What do I mean specifically: I can create projects in my agency software. I would like to use this as a trigger so that a folder structure is created in my box account. The parent folder should then contain the customer number and name of the customer. The second step is to create a subfolder that takes the project number from the software and the project name. But if the customer already exists, a customer folder should not be created again, but rather the project folder within the customer folder.

Looks like:

01_Clients → C0001_Client → P24001_Projectname → 00_Contracts etc.

The highlighted words are the Data which is taken from the Agency software.

Maybe anyone has an idea?

Many many thanks


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5 replies

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Hi @PhilippVD 

Good question.

When using the Box Create Folder Zap action, the Folder field expects the Folder ID (numeric) of the Parent Folder.


Hi Troy, 

Thanks for your answer. :) I think I have understood it. But what about the condition when a folder already exists. So no new parent folder should be created, but only a new project folder within the parent folder.

How would that be possible?


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After a Customer is created you should save their Folder ID back into the app that is being used as the Zap trigger.

Then you can have the Zap reference whether or not the Customer Folder ID exists or not to know whether to create a new Customer Folder.

You may need to use Paths for this:

Similarly, you can create Paths after doing a Box Find Folder steps, then proceed based on whether the Folder was found or not.

Do I have to use Paths or is it possible to send the box ID back to MOCO? If so, how can I do this. I am searching for a suitable action - but not successfully.

Thanks for your help again! :) 

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Available MOCO Zap triggers/actions:

I don’t see actions available to “update”, so you’d have to use the find then paths approach.