How do I create an Invoice in Evolis when there's a new order in Shopify

Je vends sur le site de shopify et souhaiterais que sur Evoliz ca me créer une facture à chaque nouvelle commande

Moderator translation to English:
I sell on the Shopify site and would like Evoliz to create an invoice for each new order


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Mon déclencheur est à chaque nouvelle commande créer une facture.

Une 1ere tâche est de trouver le client sur evoliz et s’il ne le trouve pas le créer.

La 2ème étape est de créer la facture. J’ai remplis les champs obligatoire mais j’ai une erreur de requête incorrect

Moderator translation to English:

My trigger is with each new order create an invoice.A first task is to find the customer on evoliz and if he cannot find it, create it.The 2nd step is to create the invoice. I have filled in the required fields but I have an incorrect request error
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Hey there,  @Audrey graficut! Thanks for reaching out in community - sorry to hear you’re running into that error! We definitely want to help.

I know you mentioned you’re hitting an “incorrect request” error, at what point in the zap are you seeing this? Can you share a screenshot of the error message?

It may also help us troubleshoot to see the zap setup of the step where you’re seeing the error. 

Thanks in advance and looking forward to digging into this with you!