How do I automate SMS sequencing for unbooked leads using Zapier?

  • 4 September 2023
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I need to be able to create an integration that will put our leads in a sms sequence due to them not booking a call with our sales team. 

Our flow works like this 
Website → Lead Form Fill Out → Calendly Link

Sometimes people will fill out lead form but not book a call. I have their info now and want to get our sales team on the leads that dont book so they dont fall through the cracks. I am not sure how to automatically do this on zapier. Ideally I would like to create a lead in my CRM for the ones that didnt book and automatically assign them a texting campaign. 

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5 replies

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Hi @cmwallace 

Good question.

Which CRM app are you using?

You’ll likely need 2 Zaps.

  • Lead Booked
  • Lead has not yet Booked
    • You’ll need to defined the logic for this. (e.g. 5 days, etc.)

Also, you may need Zaps to handle canceled bookings and rescheduled bookings.

We use woosender. 

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Hi @cmwallace,

I’m jumping in to see if I can help!

Have you tried using the “Appointment Created” and “Appointment Cancelled” trigger in WooSender? Those triggers might be the ones that you need for your workflow.

(view larger)

Please give that a try, and let us know how it goes!

No because the appointment was never created to be cancelled. 

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Hi @cmwallace! 👋

What you’d need here is a way to search Calendly to check whether the person that submitted the form booked a call that way you could then use the Create Contact (WooSender) action to add them if they hadn’t booked. So I’ve added you to an existing feature request for that functionality, since it’s what you’d need here. Can’t make any promises as to when or if it would be added to the Calendly app but we’ll be sure to notify you by email as soon as it is.

In the meantime, as a workaround you may need to store a record of everyone who books a call in a third party app like Google Sheets to Airtable. Then you can search those records to see if the person has booked or not. I’m not sure what app you’re using for the form, but the workaround I’m thinking of would be like so:


Zap 1 - Adds new bookings to a spreadsheet

  • Trigger: Invitee Created (Calendly) - triggers when someone books a call event.
  • Action: Create Spreadsheet Row (Google Sheets) - creates a new row for the booking. Stores unique information that can be used for searching by the second Zap (e.g. email address). Using Google Sheets as an example here but the principle would be similar for an app like Airtable, Microsoft Excel etc.


Zap 2 - Checks spreadsheet to see if they’ve booked and if not, add them to WooSender 

  • Trigger: New Form Submission (Your form app) - triggers for each new form submission.
  • Action: Delay For (Delay by Zapier) - set to delay the Zap from continuing for 5 minutes to give people enough time to book before allowing this Zap to look for them on the spreadsheet. You may need to increase this delay depending on how long it take folks to make a booking. (See Add delays to Zaps)
  • Action: Lookup Spreadsheet Row (Google Sheets) - searches for the user’s email address. If a user is not found then that would indicate that they didn’t make a booking. (See Search for existing data in Zaps)
  • Action: Only Continue If… (Filter by Zapier) - set to only continue if _zap_search_was_found_status field is false (this means that the user wasn’t found in the bookings spreadsheet. (See Add conditions to Zaps with filters)
  • Action: Create Contact (WooSender) - Adds the lead to WooSender


Do you think that approach might work?

If you run into any issues in setting that up just let us know. Always happy to help further!