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How do I add an attendee to all future instances of a recurring event?

  • 10 February 2023
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I have a Zap that pulls customer info for new subscribers from our WooCommerce site to add them to a monthly recurring Google Calendar event. Currently, they are added to the upcoming event, but not future instances and I’d like to remedy that.

Is there a way to add attendees to all future events in a recurring series?


Best answer by SamB 14 February 2023, 11:38

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6 replies

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Hi @SuzTCC!

I just tested this out with my own recurring event, and the attendee was added to all occurrences of it. Not sure why you wouldn’t be seeing the same thing.

Are you 100% sure you’re selecting the recurring event in the Zap? 

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The one that was selected was definitely the recurring event, but it was not the very first instance of the recurring event if that makes a difference?

The first event in this recurring series was back in October 2022 so if that does make a difference and I need to add them to the initial recurring event for them to be added to all events in the series do you know how I would select that specific event in October? 

When I tried it, it added me to the next upcoming event in the series (February 16th, 2023) but it only added me to that one - not those in March, April, May…..

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Thanks for confirming that, @SuzTCC! 🙂

I can see that you’ve also reached out to our Support team about this as well. And it looks like they’ve added you to a feature request that would allow the Update Event action to add attendees to all recurring events in Google Calendar. Sorry to not have a more immediate solution here. We’ll be sure to email you and post any updates here as soon as that feature is implemented! 

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Hi there @SuzTCC! 👋

Just came across a workaround for adding attendees to recurring events, so I wanted to share the details of that workaround with you here:

“If you want to add to every single occurrence of a recurring event, instead of just a single instance of the event. You may setup your Zap like this:

  1. Add a "Find Event" action to find the next instance of the recurring event
  2. Add a "Add Attendee/s to Event" action and map out the "Recurring Event ID" value from the "Find Event" action as a custom value for the "Event" field.”

Hopefully this workaround will work for you too! 🤞

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Awesome, thanks for sharing! We’ll give it a try. 

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Hi @SuzTCC,

Awesome! I’m glad to hear SamB was able to help with the workaround.

If you have any questions or need any assistance along the way, feel free to reach out. We’re here to help! 😊