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How can I pull in the "Marketing Status" from Shopify into my Zap?

  • 16 September 2022
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Shopify has a “Marketing Status” for when people opt in to receiving SMS or email, how can I pull that into a Zap?



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9 replies

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Hi @martinarv ,

Welcome to Community!

When you set up your Zap & authenticate Shopify, it will pull test data from Shopify which will look like this.

From this data you can map over the “accepts_marketing” field to your Action. In this example, I use Google Sheets but you the mapping will work for whatever app you are sending the data to.

You can learn more about mapping your data here! I hope that gets you started- give it a try and let us know how it goes. 

Hi Liz,

That doesn’t seem entirely accurate; I see two fields, one with “customer accepts marketing” and one “buyer accepts marketing” and often they are different. Which one means what?

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@martinarv happy to dig deeper here! Can you share screenshots of what you’re seeing on that end? 

Hi @Liz_Roberts , sure, here are some screenshots of the information available to map from Shopify: 

Unfortunately Shopify support isn’t much help, as their support team isn’t trained on the metadata backend of things. 

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Hey @martinarv!

I found something in the Shopify docs that indicates that accepts_marketing has been deprecated.

I see fields related to SMS marketing consent. Do you see anything similar for email?

Hi @nicksimard, no, that’s kind of why I was asking. I did see a field called “SMS marketing status” or similar which seems to be what I need for SMS, but I didn’t see the same field for email marketing


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Hey @martinarv,

Which trigger are you using in your Zap, out of curiosity? That will help us explore what’s there, and whether the option is truly missing.



Hi @nicksimard, it’s the New Paid Order in Shopify

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Hi @martinarv!

Thanks for confirming that which trigger you’re using. I took a look at the data that we’re getting through for that and it looks like it doesn’t currently pull the email marketing field that Nick identified. In this case, could you please reach out to the Zapier Support team as they have many superpowers and can request that New Paid Order fields be updated. You can contact them with the Get Help form

When you contact them, including a link to this thread and also copy and paste Nick’s image in the message too, so they can see that the current marketing fields have been deprecated. That will save you from having the first part of this conversation a second time(!)

I’m sorry that I don’t have better news for you on this one, thanks for working with us to get to the bottom of things!