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How can I find Slack users when there are several DocuSign signers?

  • 18 August 2022
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Can someone help me with this?

I´m trying to built an integration between DocuSign and Slack who works like that:

  • When a document is sent in DocuSign we will send a message on Slack to the recipients signers. 

The steps that i´m using is:

  • Envelope Sent or Completed in DocuSign;
  • Find User by Email in Slack;
  • Send Direct Message in Slack;

When there is just one recipient signer, works great, but, when there´s more than one recipient signer, the second step (Find User by Email in Slack) don´t finda the users on slack. 



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Hi @Matheus.Vinicius 

Good question.

Try using the Looping app to handle 1+ signers:

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Hey @Matheus.Vinicius! I see you were able to reach out to support on this one and they also recommended Looping as a solution. I am going to post their response here for anyone following along:


We would need to set up Looping by Zapier here -
You would add both emails as the loop to value and select to loop from line items. 
After the loop you would add the Find User by email in slack and it would run once for each email. Basically all the steps below the Loop will run once for each line item, so if you have 3 emails all the steps would run 3 times, once for each email.