Hotjar Survey Response Missing Question Answers

  • 20 January 2023
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Can anyone please help.

When setting up a Zapp to retrieve Hotjar survey responses and publish them to a google sheet i am not being offered a hotjar data point for the answers to the survey questions.

My row headers  (Response 1, Response 2) for the google sheet are shown in the zapp rule configurator (see below) but a zapp data point for the answers to the questions is not available from the data points i can add into these sections.

Has anyone had this issue? is there something i might be missing?

Thanks, in advance for any help.



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7 replies

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Hi @M78B 

Good question.

Check this related topic:


Hi @Troy Tessalone  thanks for the suggestion but I had seen that post prior to asking my question as unfortunately it wasn't any use in solving my issue. Do you have any other suggestions please?

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Hey there @M78B

Is the Zap seeing any of the fields from Hotjar or are they all missing? Also what type of fields are they? Just wondering if it may be a case that we’re able to see answers for only certain types of question fields.

And can you share a screenshot of what is displayed in the selected test sample on the Hotjar trigger in the Zap? (Remember to remove/hide any private information from it) We can’t look into your Zap so that will help us to see what the Zap received from HotJar. Thanks, we’ll keep an eye out for your reply! 🙂


The zap is offering lots of data points to retrieve but none that include the two question fields. 

There are two questions, one is a checkbox and the second is a ‘long Text Answer’

The data points that the response is returning is here below


In the Action section this is what i am seeing. ‘Response1’ and ‘Response2’ are the columns in the workbook tab that i would like to add data into. But the hotjar data points that i am offered to add into these rows does not include any actual survey responses.



any help greatly appreciated. Please let me know if i can provide any further info.





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Hey @M78B,

It sounds like you can’t see the values you want in the sample data, and that’s preventing you from mapping the values in subsequent steps.

However, do the values exist in actual trigger output as shown in the Zap’s Zap History? If they’re there we have a different way to go about fixing this than if they’re not.


Hi @shalgrim apologies i wouldn't know where to look for that, might you be able to direct me please. 

Thanks, Martin

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Hey @M78B!

To expand upon what Scott is saying, if you were to simply type something manually into that Google Sheets step (just for now) then turn the Zap on, when it runs can you see the data in the Zap History?

You can access the history for any Zap like this:


If you are able to see it in the Data out tab for your Hotjar trigger, then we have a way to help you put those into your Zap:


Also sometimes after the Zap has had a live run, if you go back into the editor and re-test the trigger, you’ll see those missing fields.

Can you give that a shot to see if it helps?