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Gsheet reference is lost once zap updates

  • 30 November 2021
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I currently have a zap that imports information into a gsheet from a Typeform. Any time there is new information in the Typeform, the zap adds a row to the bottom of the gsheet data.

I have another sheet (we’ll call this the summary sheet) in the same gsheet doc that simply references the Zap-integrated sheet . Basically like:
='Zap Sheet'!A1

='Zap Sheet'!A2

='Zap Sheet'!A3

='Zap Sheet'!A4

etc. down the full summary sheet.

I am trying to pull in all data from the Zap sheet into the Summary sheet.

However, every time the zap runs and adds a row to the Zap Sheet, the Summary sheet formulas get messed up. Say there was data added to row 3 in the Zap Sheet, the Summary sheet would then look like this -- missing row 3 formula & data.

='Zap Sheet'!A1

='Zap Sheet'!A2

='Zap Sheet'!A4

='Zap Sheet'!A5

I seem to have to update the formulas every time the zap is updated. Hoping to resolve this so it can automatically be pulled into the summary sheet without me having to change the formulas every time. 


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Hi @Loren 

The reason for this is because a new row is being inserted to the GSheet when the Zap Runs, so simple formula references will break.

In other words if the GSheet tab has 100 rows and the Zap runs again, then there will be 101 rows, which throws off the reference formulas between the tabs.

Meaning data isn’t simply being added on an existing blank row.


You’ll need to use more advanced dynamic formulas to do the references.

Look into using:




Thanks so much! Will use the filter formula - this was really helpful!