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Google Sheets update HubSpot Contact Record then Trigger Workflow

  • 13 November 2020
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I am creating a zap to push a tracking number from our shipping software into a field in Hubspot, when that record is updated a workflow in hubspot will trigger. We are dropping the customers shipping record into google sheets and plan to have the zap trigger when a new worksheet is created. We have everything setup. The question is how to update the HS record with the tracking number before the HS workflow is triggered. 

When you get to the action step in the zap “Create or Update Contact in Hubspot”, it is asking for the contact email for which a dropdown is there relating to the google sheet. I am not sure what to put in here?




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Just to clarify, are you creating a new worksheet each time you get a customers shipping or just a new row? 


I think you are wanting to trigger on a new row in google sheets. That way when the row with customer shipping information is added to a sheet it will trigger and give you back the customer info. 

Thanks for the quick reply - We are adding a new worksheet each time. Regardless, the frustrating part is not knowing what to insert in the “contact email” field for the update contact in Hubspot action. It displays some options associated with the google sheet, but none of those pertain to where the email is. This is the first zap I have created for hubspot, so I might just be unfamiliar with how this part of it is used.


options that display now: 


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What properties do you have on the worksheet? Is the client email something on that worksheet? You could try adding a step before to search the sheet that was just created. You’ll give the intermediary step the worksheet id from the trigger. Since you won’t know what value to search for, you could try the “Get Many Spreadsheet Rows” actions which will return a max of 20 rows from the sheet. 


Hope that helps!