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Google Sheets Creates New Row copies formatting from previous row when adding ManyChat options

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I’m trying to add new optins from ManyChat as a new row into a Google Sheet for tracking for a client. They are currently adding everyone manually just as a blank, normal row and then color-coding fields as certain actions are taken by that “lead” such as “call booked”, “needs followup”, etc. 

When I use the Zapier integration to add a new row, it’s copying the background colors and text styles from the row above it, rather than just adding new data without any styling. This is problematic, obviously, since the new rows will be added with incorrect colors. 

Any way around this?



Best answer by Paul Smulders 4 October 2020, 13:13

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Hi @theedman421 ,

Thanks for reaching out and sorry for the delay!

To help us troubleshoot, would you mind sharing a screenshot of your configuration?

Will be on the lookout for your response!

I am having the same issue.

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Hi @Theycallmeholla!

I was able to test this and confirm that the row added below the one that I’ve formatted does, in fact, take on that same formatting. In this instance, I’d suggest reaching out to our support team so they can dig into this a bit more, and create a bug report or feature request if necessary.

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I have exactly the same problem and am looking for a solution. Any news on this?

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Hello @theedman421, @Theycallmeholla and @Paul Smulders - Thanks for bringing this up. It’s almost like the integration doesn’t know that these fields are consistent, and you’re just adding new users to align to only those custom fields. But from what I understand, this flow seems to be adding new rows, users and statuses included! For this, I’ve added the three of you to the feature request. 

While not all feature requests are implemented, customer feedback like this is a huge part of how we continue to grow our platform. If this feature does get developed, we'll reach out to you directly to let you know!

We’re rich!

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Thanks for your response steph.n.

But to be honest, I don’t really understand it. What do you mean by users and statuses?

The issue is clearly explained by the following.

Suppose that the last row in a Google sheet has a green background colour. 

Then Zapier adds a new row below it. This row should be a blank one, not a green one. I have double checked all the options and there is no Zap functionality that allows you to reset the formatting of a row. If there was, it would be easy: after adding a row, reformat it. Or am I missing something?


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@Paul Smulders - When a new row is added below the green one, does it appear all at the same time or at different times? I’m asking because I need to clarify that this is happen at various points or only when there’s a 15-min cycle when the Zap runs.

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It appears all at the same time: the row and the colour. The new row is created and at the same time takes the colour format of the previous one. By the way, if you create a row yourself in Google sheets without Zapier, the same happens. So it appears to be an issue with Google sheets, not with Zapier. But it would be very helpful if I could create a ZAP that resets the format of the recently created row. I haven’t found a way to do that.



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This works great:


Conditional formatting: if an important cell is empty (ISBLANK()), then the background colour of the whole new row is white.