Google sheet - Hubspot integration - Create new deal and assign to proper deal stage in Hubspot

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I’m trying to automate sending deals to Hubspot from g sheet to the specific deal stage. Although my deal stages in google sheet file are exactly the same as the one created in Hubspot. While trying to verify the connector, Zapier returns error message. However ,when assigning a specific deal stage in Zapier, everything works just fine. As the deal stage differs from one deal to another, I need to have this field dynamic and not static when running zap.  Would you guys know how to overcome this issue?


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Can you please share screenshots of your set up? 

Also, make sure you are passing in the values in grey not the values in black. 

In your example, you can’t pass “Appointment Scheduled” but instead it would be “appointmentscheduled”

@GetUWired thanks for your reply.  I have been trying to pass the values in grey as per your suggestion. However with no success. Which makes me wonder if Zapier connection supports only default name stages in Hubspot when assigning dynamic deals from google sheet to corresponding deal stage in Hubspot. 
Please find below screenshots of my set up. 





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Hi @Ducatia!

Based on what I see above, it seems like you’re trying to use the Stage label rather than the value that the HubSpot API will understand.

Follow the numbers to understand my thinking:


As far as I can tell, the value you need would be the Stage label without any spaces, punctuation and all lowercase. Try umrezerwacyjna to see if that works (though the HubSpot values might be in English’s difficult for me to know for sure).

If not, you can add a Find Deal step in your Zap and search for a deal that’s in the pipeline and stage you need, and the data that is returned should show you the value you need.

@nicksimard thanks for the heads-up. The test wasn't without few errors along the way, but finally, I managed to send a successful transaction, without trading off custom deal stages names in the Hubspot. Now it would mean a lot to me if you could explain me logic behind New or Updated Spreadsheet Row in the Google sheet Zap;

  1. does the trigge require manual input on the spreadsheet or can the edit be run by google sheet formula to run it?
  2. secondly, if I sent a deal with the given values, name , amount , deal stage etc, would those values change if the edit was perform in google sheet over time? For instance deal amount form 100$ to 50$ or a deal stage from early interest to presentation. And how about the values that were messing on the initial upload with Zap and overtime those messing values were added to the deal in google sheet, would this automatically be reflected in Hubspot?

Without going into too much detail, we primary use google sheet to managed deals on the daily basis. So any changes that are going to be on a Deal or Contact, will appear in google sheet in the first place. Once the respective updates are made, i need Zapier to transfer them automatically to Hubspot, without human interaction. First to create respective deals and contacts and subsequently associate one to another. 

So I wonder how many Zaps do I need at the end of a day, to bring this little munster to live ;)
      1. New or Updated Spreadsheet Row in the Google sheet Zap - Deal (trigger on any column)

  1. Deal update - trigger on any column or one Zap per given column that will be edited in time ?
  2. New or Updated Spreadsheet Row in the Google sheet Zap - Contact (trigger on any column)
  3. Contact update - trigger on any column or one Zap per given column that will be edited in time ?
  4. Associate objects - haven't tried it yet to be honest , so i don't even know how this work. But I will need this trigger to simply associate Contact list with the Deal list by a common deal ID created by me.Does this make any sense to you?

Hope it does make any sense to you ;)


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