Google Form -> Google Sheets formatting

  • 24 March 2022
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Hi there community! 

I feel like I’m at my wit’s end with this. 

I am trying to get customer dockets to drop into google sheets, using a form they fill out. 

I need things such as; Address, name, contact details, date etc to parse through, but I can’t get anything to go into the right fields. 

Would someone kindly help me out here? 

Ideally each response would create a new docket with each profile, so I can print multiple clients per sheet - I don’t want to waste ¾ of a sheet because only 1 is being done at a time, which at BEST is how far I’ve got thus far. 

I have made a new blank docket sheet here (Click)

I won’t share my google form, as I can’t have any bogus entries come through, but even if you could screenshot and demonstrate a FEW of the fields, I am very confident I can do the rest.. I just need a bit of direction with the Zap setup side of things.

Thanks so much in advance,


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Hi @ZipZapBrizzyTap 

Good question.

Have you read this help article about how GSheets need to be configured to work with Zaps?

GSheets need to have headers in Row 1 to work with Zaps.


Looks like what you are trying to do will involve creating GDoc Template or some other PDF Template to get it in the format you want.

Here’s a help article about how to use a GDoc Template: