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Finding specific trigger sample for Calendar Event Start

  • 4 June 2021
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Hi there

I’ve just set up a calendar event in Outlook that recurs every three months.  I want to set up a zap that sends an email around 4 days before the calendar event, and have set up a zap, but I can’t seem to be able to specify the actual event as a trigger.  I’ve connected my account ok, and I must be doing something wrong but I can’t work out what!

I use Office 365



Best answer by Troy Tessalone 4 June 2021, 16:35

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8 replies

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Hi @Andy Haven 


Are you using this O365 as your Zap trigger: Calendar Event Start

You may need to add a Filter as Step 2:



I’ve added a filter, and I’m being told that it would have failed (it’s not meant to go until the end of June anyway and every three months thereafter).  When I look at the event detail, for some reason it’s picking Boxing Day Bank Holiday.  This is not something I would choose as it’s not the event I want to link it to.  It appears to be randomly picking events

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Hi @Andy Haven 

You can change the test trigger data used to configure the Zap:

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@Andy Haven 

Here’s a help article related to GCal that may help you configure and test your Zap:

Thanks @Troy Tessalone but I’m using Office 365 not Google

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@Andy Haven 

The help article for GCal instructs how to go about testing for a similar Zap trigger that hopefully can help you test and configure your Zap with Outlook.

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Hey @Andy Haven, I hope you’re doing well, I just wanted to check in here!

Were you able to get things working with the information shared by Troy, or can we still help out here?

For the Google Calendar article, the process is pretty much the same in Google Calendar as it is in Outlook. So you could check that article to see the process that is used to perform this kind of workflow, then just switch the actions out for O365 actions instead of Google Calendar.

In regards to the filter, its perfectly ok if the filter says the zap would not have continued if that is the expected result for the data being tested. It’s not necessarily an error, but more of a report on that specific test.

So if the data being tested in a filter is not data you would want to continue through the zap, then seeing a result in the filter that says the zap would not have continued is the desired result we would want for that test. In those cases, you can continue with the rest of the zap knowing that the filter behaved as expected.

Hi William

I did have a look but as there are additional steps it means I would need to pay for it.  I wouldn’t mind paying, but for one email per month is not cost-effective!

For now I’ll stick with the manual version! :slight_smile: