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Filtering trigger from Gsheet to Slack message [Unique_Count]

Hello !

I'm using a Zap to send an automatic message in Slack once a certain status is triggered in my Gsheet, i.e : Status which represent the status of my prospect engaged in my new outreach campaign. 


The problem is that this status has multiple item in my sheet but I only want to keep one item.

More concretely I'm sending a message in Slack once a new campaign is launched.

But one campaign means more contact in it.

I just want to send one message per campaign instead of one message per new contacts enrolled in my campaign.

My current filter is set on “only continue if” status = “campaign launched” … But in reality the most accurate filter would be something like “only continue if” status = “unique_count of campaign launched per company” … 

In the screenshot below, you can see that I get 3 messages because 3 new contacts has been enrolled in the same campaign, but I only want to keep one message.

A kind of “Count_UNIQUE” filter … 

Any idea ?


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Hi @Herr_Fi 

Good question.

You may need to try using another tab in the GSheet with formulas for UNIQUE:

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Hi there @Herr_Fi - thanks for coming by the Community with your question! I see that you also opened a ticket with our pals in Support, which is perfect. To help others who may come to this thread in the future, I’ll copy their response here: 


To ensure that only one message per campaign launch is sent, I'd recommend adding a worksheet to the existing spreadsheet with a column labeled "campaign name". 
Then, you can add a "Find or Create New Row" action after the trigger using the campaign name to find an existing row or create a new row for that campaign. After the Find or Create Row/Record Step, add a Filter. The Find or Create Row/Record Step will return a value called Zap Data Was Found
Set the Filter to only continue the Zap if the Zap Data Was Found field is (boolean) is false, meaning that we haven’t seen this record before.
More info about this workaround can be found here:


If that did the trick, let us know! If not, I’d follow up with the Support ticket you created, they can definitely help you out as well. 




Hey @Troy Tessalone & @Rachael S , Thanks for your prompt feedback 😃

I’ve made it easier, just by creating another WF with the unique status using a Query. 

UNIQUE is not very useful here as it will not allow to select only defined rows plus, first_name and last_name is always changing. 

Here is the Query if needed : “=UNIQUE(QUERY(Status!A2:G8000,"SELECT A,B,F",0))”




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Hey @Herr_Fi thanks so much for coming back to this thread and sharing your solution! We’ll go ahead and mark is as the best answer. 🙂 If anything else comes up, feel free to start a new thread and we’d be happy to help!