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Filter our names with more than one capital letter?

  • 4 February 2021
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Hey friends! We have a few people signing up using completely random names such as First Name: LjkIjKEDsd Last Name: DjuEdGesD 

I need to filter these out and stop zaps from firing for these bogus registrations. 

Any ideas on how to accomplish?

Thanks so much!




Best answer by Troy Tessalone 4 February 2021, 17:27

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Hi @cadrock 

Try this and be sure to test it out!


Zap App: Formatter > Text > Extract Pattern

Input: The values for the name(s) parameters

Pattern: \w*[A-Z]\w*[A-Z]\w*


Match: Will evaluate and return ‘true’ or ‘false’ that can then be used in a Filter step




You are a king Troy!

Our correctly formatted names ONLY have a capital letter in the front of the name.

Will this formula return a “false” for anything that has any other upper case names? Sorry, I’m just not sure how the wild cards and/or pattern recognition works.

From my side it looks as though the system would be looking for a xxXxxXxx (lower, lower, UPPER) pattern.

Thanks again for your time and helping me understand how the pattern function works, much appreciated!


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Ok try this pattern instead: ^[A-Z]+[a-z]+$

Logic: checks that the first character is uppercase and the rest of the characters are lowercase.

True = Matches the pattern, which is good.

False = Does not match the patter, which is bad.

Again, be sure to test.


Also make sure to replace this static sample value with the dynamic values of the Name(s).

Note: You may have to do this step twice, once for first name, and once for last name.


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@cadrock Here’s a resource about regex:

Thanks Troy, that worked! I implemented the pattern code and then added a filter step to only continue if it’s true.