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Feature Request: Bing (Microsoft) Ads App

  • 16 April 2021
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Google Ads and Facebook Ads are in here, but no Bing (Microsoft) Ads!  (There’s even a bunch of other Microsoft products too). 

Google Ads has a built-in Salesforce connection option to track conversions, but Bing doesn’t! You have to use their API or a middleware solution.  We want to use Zapier for all of our connections instead of a competitor that currently has this connection.


Is this on the roadmap? If so, any ETA?




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9 replies

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Typically, Zapie leaves it up to companies to build their own Zapier integrations - but with some of the bigger companies, they will build them.

I’ve flagged this, so someone from Zapier can add your vote to a feature request.

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@JourneyPure - adding to Andrew’s comment, you can go here to vote/request an app integration!

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@Liz_Roberts - It was not on the list, so I followed the process to submit the support request. 

When the app gets posted as upcoming, how do people “vote”? (I clicked on “upcoming” apps. I see the options to start building the app or “view app profile”. The profile page just says there is no app and asks if I work at the company and want to build one). 

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I wanted to pop in and also support the creation of a Bing Ads integration. While I believe we could manually get a Bing Ads API token and then use Webhooks in Zapier to accomplish this, it would be much more efficient to have the app natively supported in Zapier. For us, the main appeal of Zapier is to have tested and professionally maintained integrations. It isn’t because we couldn’t technically do the integrations ourselves if we needed to. 

I realize that Bing Ads is not nearly as popular as Google Ads, but I have to admit that I find it a little odd that Microsoft’s main advertising platform isn’t supported given the size of Microsoft and the popularity of Zapier. Even more so considering that both other large networks like Verizon Media and tiny apps that nobody has heard of are supported. I hope that this can be prioritized by the Zapier team.

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Anyone reading this - please go to the website below to vote for this to be developed by Microsoft.

You have to sign in, but it looks like we only need around 150 votes to get attention. Please take the time to get this feature kicked off.


@Liz_Roberts - please let us know how anyone reading this can vote for it to be developed by Zapier too. I agree with @AJV and @AndrewJDavison_Luhhu that Microsoft is a big-time company that should be on Zapier’s own roadmap.

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Hi @JourneyPure @AJV!

I know that once upon a time we allowed people to vote on services that were not yet on Zapier (from their public app profile pages, I mean), but I’m not 100% sure if that’s still the case. I was trying to find one that allowed me to add my vote but couldn’t find one. 

Anyone who writes in to our Support team and requests Bing Ads will be added to the feature request, but I think it’s also a great idea to follow that link that @JourneyPure posted, in Microsoft’s forums :) 


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I’m followning here. Would love this feature 

It’s kind of silly that there isn’t a Zap for Bing/Microsoft Advertising. Getting offline conversions should be automated, but as such we have to export and manipulate our MQLs and other leads, then manually import. Not difficult, but there are other things we’d rather spend our time on.

Go upvote this idea: