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FB Lead not triggering, need help urgent

  • 14 March 2020
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I tried everything to fix the zap, disconnect and connect the account, delete zapier permission and give access again, but my leads still coming but zap not trigger to a spreadsheet and Twilio, it might something related to permissions, but I check twice, and I have all and didn’t work someone could help me to find a solutions because in the test the leads appear and I have all the permissions



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4 replies

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​Facebook Lead Ads has a lot of different permission settings, and if one of them isn't correct it will stop new leads from being passed to Zapier. From you screenshots it looks like your account has the correct permissions, but it may be that Zapier doesn’t. 

You’ll need to check that Zapier has CRM permissions for Facebook Lead Ads, you can find instructions on how to reset those permissions here:

If you do that and still don’t have any luck with your Zap, then I’d recommend trying the Facebook Lead Ads testing tool, which can help to give an idea of why leads are getting through. You can find instructions on how to use that here:

​I hope that helps, please let me know if you have any questions!

@Danvers I reset the permissions and everything when I follow the instructions for the Facebook Lead Ads testing tool, I see that it says that there are not webhook subscriptions so i can’t track the status of the lead, if this might be the problem how can i fix it 


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Thanks for giving that a go @AlonsoRobles


I can see that you’re also in contact with our Support Team about this, so it will probably be better to follow this up with them as they’ll be able to have a closer look at your Zaps. I’m going to add your last post as a note on the ticket that you have open and will ask one of the team to get back to you as soon as possible. 

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Hi @AlonsoRobles - I’m just checking back on this issue with you. It looks like Zapier Support responded back to you. I’m sharing the the solution in case others are looking for it.

I understand you are receiving the error there is no webhook subscription. We have steps to resolve that here:

Would you mind giving that a try? If there is still an issue after going through those steps please reply with the URL for the zap and I will dive in.