Facebook Lead Ads Form zap not pulling in leads

  • 15 September 2021
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I have set up a FB lead ad zap. It tested successfully. 

It did it for the first 8 times sending the leads through the zap, then stopped. 

Every time I go to try and redo it, the test zap works, but now it doesn’t pull any actual leads down, 





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9 replies

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Hi @Jaqui 

Check the available FB Lead Ads help articles:


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Thanks Troy, I’ve look at the help articles. It doesn’t seem to be any of those issues. 

It just still seems to be pulling in the test data still? This is what happens when I put what fields I want to zap through. 

The test zap always works, but no leads come after. And the zap is live and running. 

Any ideas?



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Have you tried using the FB Lead Ads testing tool?

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Yes it said it was successful 

I also re-tested the zap which re-directs to my email



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Have you had new leads since the Zap has been updated and turned back ON?

You can change the trigger test data used to configure the Zap:

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Hey @Troy Tessalone yes done that and even reset up the whole zap again just to see if there is something blocking it on the backend. Same thing happens.

Is there a way to escalate this pls? I just need to get it done.

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Hey @Jaqui,

If no leads are triggering the Zap once it’s switched on then it’s usually down to one of the following causes: 

  • Insufficient Permissions. Admin permissions are required for Page, Ad Account and Lead Access. You can find out more about these permissions here - What permissions do I need to use Facebook Lead Ads with Zapier? (and be sure to reconnect the Facebook Lead Ads account after setting the permissions).
  • Incorrect lead form is selected. This can happen if the form’s name was replaced by a new version or had since changed name - Check the correct form is selected
  • CRM access hasn’t been granted. Sometimes this access can be accidentally revoked. If that’s the case the Facebook Lead Ads testing tool will show a “103 error - CRM access has been revoked from Lead Access Manager” error. It doesn’t appear to be the case here as you’re seeing a “200” success message in the Facebook Lead Ads testing tool, so it’s likely one of the other two causes. 

I can see you’ve also reached out to our Support Team about this. If you try the steps on the guides linked to above and are still running into issues I’d recommend following up with Support on that email thread. They’ll be able to dig into the setup and logs for your Zaps to better investigate and troubleshoot these issues with you. :)

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Thanks Sam, I’ve check the following:

• Business manager is giving employee access to Zapier for page, ad account

• Zapier has leads ads access

• Correct lead form in Zapier

• CRM access is given like you observed the 200 is in there. 

Again, not sure what else I can do? How do I resolve this ASAP?

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Hi there, @Jaqui! I’m sorry to hear this. Thanks for keeping us in the loop!

I’d recommend following up with support at this point. This way they’re able to do more extensive troubleshooting with you. I can see they did reply to your message on Tuesday, 9/14. If you haven’t seen it come through it might be worth checking your spam or searching your inbox for “@zapier”.