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Extract URL from email, then scrape from that URL

  • 2 January 2021
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Hello, complete newbie and can’t seem to locate tip or info on something I want to do.

Essentially, I want to extract a URL from an order confirmation, go to that URL, and scrape some data from that URL.

I have setup the EmailParser from Gmail to filter and forward to the new Parser inbox, then I can extract that URL. That’s where I’m stuck.  Is there a way to then take that URL, go to it, and the extract subsequent info from that URL, such as customer name, item ordered, etc.  




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Hey @Olli,

I think what you are looking for is an app that can do the scraping for you, right? Maybe something like Apify would work for you? Have a look at it here.

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Hi @Olli!

I’m not sure that’s something you’ll be able to accomplish with Zapier, unfortunately. Out of curiosity, can you elaborate a bit on what the URL is that you’re trying to go to? Maybe there’s a different way to do this, rather than getting that data from the email link (just trying to think outside the box).

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Hey all - Maybe I’m oversimplifying this...But @Olli Can you try using a webhook GET request with the newly parsed URL?

You should then just be returned the HTML from the page which you can then use in subsequent steps. 

Hope that helps! 

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I sell on Facebook Marketplace, and when I make a sale, I receive an email from Facebook. The only tangible info in that email is the item sold, and a link back to my Facebook account to access the order details.  So, the URL to the order is going to be different each time. 


Also, after I asked the original question, I think I’ve come to the realization that my login credentials to FB will come into play, and I’m sure that’s not simple either.  So, I’m thinking it’s just not feasible.  Thanks all for the input. @Ennes @nicksimard @andywingrave