Extract all QBO Vendor and Customer IDs (nameID)

  • 20 March 2021
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In QBO they assign a unique ID (nameID) to each customer and Vendor.  Attached is a screenshot for this ID how it appreas at the end of the URL for the cusomter.  However, per QB support, they do not offer a way to extract those IDs in a report and my requests to their support team have been unsuccessful.  

I did read in this community that it can be done with Zapier but seems like the actual solution was removed from the post.  The ID does show up as a data field in some of my other Zaps.  Does anyone know how to use Zapier to extract all of the QBO vendor and Cusomter nameIDs into file?  I would need the NameID, Cusomter/Vendor name, and the address.

Just not sure how to run a report from Zapier into QBO without a trigger.




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2 replies

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Hi @sboyd 

On a record by record basis, you can use a Formatter > Text > Split action step to get the desired ID from the URL.


However, in order to pull bulk records the QBO API would have to be leveraged and this a more advanced approach that involves use of technical apps such as the Webhooks app.




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Just checking in to see if you still need help with this?