Due date returned by Todoist doesn't take in consideration timezone

  • 4 November 2021
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Hello everybody,

France move to winter time since this weekend and I notice that todoist zap don’t take in consideration this change of time.

For example, when I add a task with a dueDate at 9am into todoist Apps, and then Zapier get this task using trigger, the field dueDate return 10am.

Timezone in Todoist app is well configured and the dueDate is good in the Apps. Timezone in my zapier profile is also set as Paris.

Do you have an idea to explain this behavior ?

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1 reply

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Hey @planetiss ,


I guess ToDoIst team might not be aware of this or this feature might have been requested only be few. I will suggest you to inform them about this. 


In the mean time to solve this issue, there are a few ways which have mentioned below -

  • You can use Formatter by Zapier → Date/Time Add/Subtract Time
  • The other option is to write your own code in Code by Zapier to transform the data