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Hi Anyone here know how to use department field in Zap, in Creating Quickbooks journal entry? We are monitoring properties in Quickbooks and I think this deprtment field is some what related in our Quickbooks set up. 

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Hey there, @may2022! Thanks for reaching out and we definitely want to help.
 Was there anything specific you were curious about regarding the field? It looks like in the
“Create Journal Entry” action for QuickBooks Online there is a Department field.

If they’re not populating for you though it sounds like you may need to adjust settings for this. I found a similar question in the QuickBooks Online Community as well.
Keep us posted how this works out for you!

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Hey @may2022! Just checking in here to make sure you saw the previous reply from Christina. Were you able to get your department field working? Was the post from the Quickbooks community helpful?

Let us know - we want to make sure things get sorted out for you here!

Hi, yes I Saw it, properties and classes are already set up in our qb acct then how can I fix it with zap? Thanks

I'm referring to zap set up actually, how can I use it, if I fill up the field (department in zap journal entry) with our properties( all similar to our property list in qb) error appears.


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Hey @may2022, thanks for letting us know! What is the error message you’re receiving? Knowing that will help us continue to dig into this for you.