Deleting event from Calendar vs Changing a meeting host

  • 5 January 2023
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Hello Everyone.


We established an action to change a certein field in Lead where the trigger is deleting an event from Google Calendar. 


We noticed that changing a meeting’s Host also gets noted as a deletion of that event by Zap.

is there a way to distinguish a deletion of an event in Google Calendar from changing the meeting’s host?

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4 replies

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Thanks @OzzyJM! 🙂

Hmm, that’s very odd indeed and to me seems like it may well be a bug with the Google Calendar app. I did some checking on this end and I can’t see any existing bug reports for Zaps using the Event Cancelled trigger incorrectly running when the meeting host is updated with a status of “cancelled”.

I think your best course of action here will be to contact our Support team so they can look into this. They’ll be able to investigate your Zap further and open up a bug report if necessary. Please do keep us updated on what they find. If they’re able to figure out a workaround I’m sure others in Community would love to know about it too! 

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Hey there @OzzyJM! 🙂

I’m thinking you could check to see the value in the Status field for the event. I’ve not tested this but presumably when the meeting host is changed the status field doesn’t have a status of cancelled or deleted? If that’s the case you could use a Filter, as Troy mentioned, to only allow the Zap to continue running if the status of the event is deleted.

Can you take a look and let us know how you get on? 

@Troy Tessalone 
Hi Again and thanks everyone for your help and involvment, you are awesome! :)

After we ran some tests -  I have not founf a field called GCal unforttunetly, i habe found the ICalUID though, but this data doesn’t change or vary.

also, the automation status on every test was deemed as ‘cancelled’ in every scenario - even when the meeting host is changed. 



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Hi @OzzyJM 

Good question.

You may have to test to see if there is a distinguishing data point returned by GCal that you can Filter on.