Delete Google Calendar event when appointment deleted in Daylite

  • 10 December 2021
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Anyone have an idea how to get Google calendar to delete an event triggered by a deleted appointment in daylite?

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4 replies

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Hey @flyownwings23 ,


I will suggest you to build a Zap with below trigger event.


And add below actions -


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Hi @flyownwings23 

TIP: If the GCal Event is created from a Daylite trigger in another Zap, then add a Zap step to Update Object in Daylite and insert the returned GCal Event ID, that way if the Daylite Appt is deleted, you’ll already know which GCal Event ID needs to be deleted for use in the Zap variable mapping across steps.

Thank you for your prompt response Troy!  Appreciate it.  Not sure I 100% understand how to add a Zap step to ‘update object in daylite.’  Do you mean setting the event to just 1.Object ID:1? or does it aslo have to include the Resource URL? Where I’m struggling is with the ‘required’ fields when creating the action.  All that is available for Daylite are two fields as per the screen shot.  Thoughts?


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The GCal Event expects the internal GCal Event ID.

You either have to use a GCal Find Event step first, then map the returned Event ID or have the GCal Event ID already saved in Daylite and sent to the Zap trigger to then map to the GCal Delete Event step.