Database Verification Form | Search an Existing Database for record

I am trying to create a zap where someone uses google form and it searches through a database(google sheets) for a record and prompts back whether a record exists or not. Can anyone help point me in the right direction?

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Hey @donjacques ,


If I understand you correctly, you would like to:

  • Have someone use a Google Form with some search
  • At the same time let Zapier lookup that search field in a Google Sheets
  • Return some data back to the Google form

If that is correct, this will not be possible with Zapier unfortunately. You would have to create something custom with a programming language. My team and me have done this before, but this requires developers.

You could do something more statically with Zapier however:

  • Fill in a form at Google Forms and submit
  • Lookup some field from Google Forms in your Google sheets
  • Return some data you want
  • Send an email or some message with the data you like to have


Let me know if this helps you or if you got any other questions.




Thanks for responding. My apologies, I believe I missed out a few details and what you’ve responded with was precisely what I was trying to convey. I am currently trying to set this kind of zap but I am having troubles. I get an error message whenever I try to connect. Is there any recommendations on setting this up?

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Hi @donjacques 

Just following up. Were you able to get this sorted or are you still getting errors?