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Custom URL Redirect (Time Based)

  • 22 November 2020
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I am looking for a solution to a time based URL redirect need.


Essentially what I am looking for is:


URL A to redirect to URL 1 starting on X day @ X time.

URL B to redirect to URL 1 starting on Y day @ Y time (likely 24 hours/daily exchange).


I would like to input URL A/B/C…. and the dat/time using a google sheet (but I am open to other options).


Any ideas on how to achieve this?



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6 replies

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Hello! Welcome to the community!

The easiest way to do this would be paths - I see a flow as follows:

  1. URL from trigger (unknown)
  • Path 1 - If current time is X > Path 1
  • Path 2 - If current time is Y > Path 2
  1. Send to Google sheets

You could also achieve the same with a code step - Which would be a little more advanced. If you need help achieving this let me know. Also if I’ve misunderstood your question - Let me know. 

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Hi @andywingrave,

Thanks for the reply.


The trigger would be date/time.

The goal is to have a different URL be redirected to the same end URL daily.


I would love some help achieving this.



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Hello! Can you explain what you mean by “The trigger would be date/time.” I don’t understand this part. You can create a schedule in Zapier - But where does the URL live and how is it used? 


You can feel free to contact me or any of the other experts in Zapier if you think you might need some deeper help here:, but equally - I’m happy to help you on the community if you can explain your needs here :slight_smile:

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Here is a rough layout of what I am looking to make happen:

I have a bunch of URLs that I would like to be redirected to a single URL based on date and time.


There are similar solutions that exists for geo-graphic region (versus a date and time).

One example of a solution is:


One approach I had considered would be using the Zapier URL shortener and havinging it write over the short URL each day.


I would love to work with an expert to make this happen ASAP.

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Hi @Easy Eats!

That’s actually a really interesting workflow you’ve got in mind! Zapier’s URL shortener doesn’t allow you to update an existing short URL, I’m afraid. But I checked some of the other shorteners we integrate with and it looks like Rebrandly can update existing URLs :)

You can check it out here in our app directory. You could take a look at that app to see if it would work for you.

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Hi @nicksimard,


Thanks for getting back to us!


Using the Rebradly app in Zapier, how do we have the destination URL pulled from a google sheet versus manually entering it in Zapier. If that can be done, it would work perfectly.



I figured out how to pull the destination URL from a google sheet. Hoping that my time-based trigger works properly. (Thanks again for the help!)