Creating WP posts with pic´s from Facebook?

  • 12 May 2020
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New to Zapier I am struggeling to post from Facebook to Wordpress.

Posting just text works well, uploading pic´s to the WP media library works BUT it looks like only thumbnails are uploaded, creating a post with the text AND the photo from Facebook is more of a struggle and it have not worked for me so far.

Any ideas? I am not a programmer, just so that you know …

Have a nice day,

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3 replies

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Hi @AndersNordh ,

Thanks for reaching out!

To help us dig a bit deeper here, could you share a screenshot of your configuration (with any personal information obfuscated)? 

Will be on the lookout for your reply to help get you sorted!

Hi, two issues …

First I only get 130 pixel wide thumbnails uploaded from FB to WP.

Second, I never manage to get the photo used in the posts I create.


… and then when I create the post.



Any help would be appreciated.



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Hi @AndersNordh 

Are there any other URLs in the data from the Facebook trigger? It may be that Facebook isn’t supplying the URL for the image uploaded, making it not possible to include in your WP post.