Creating Jira Cloud Epic from SF Opportunity updated field. How to send record field info from SF to Jiras epic fields

  • 10 February 2023
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I am trying to create a zap that creates a jira epic from a SF opportunity via a custom field being updated. My goal is that once this field is updated to “Yes” in SF, the zap will create a jira epic that houses some of the SF Opportunity fields into custom fields. For example, 

Opportunity Name > Summary

Opportunity URL > Salesforce Opportunity (CF in Jira)

Account > Salesforce Customer (CF in Jira)


Can this be achieved all within 1 zap or a second zap will need to be created? 


Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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4 replies

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HI @wbayer1800 

Good question.

Seems like this should be doable within 1 Zap.

Have you tried creating the Zap and configuring the Zap steps?

Yes I have.


I started the zap with the “Updated field in record” trigger. A new field was created called, Track Opportunity?, that is a yes or no field. When changed to Yes, I’d like the action to have a jira epic be created, and sending other field information from the SF opportunity. For example, 

Field changed to Yes

Opportunity name, opportunity URL, customer name, and other designated fields to be sent to Jira fields upon creation. 


However, I cannot select the other fields from the SF object to be sent to Jira. Is this trigger the best option? Or would a webhook be the best choice? 

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Please post detailed screenshots with how your Zap steps are configured in order for us to have more context.

Make sure to show the returned data points from the trigger step.


For example, if the Opportunity has a linked Contact, then the Contact ID should at least be returned.

Then you can use a Find Record (Contact) Zap action step to get the Contact Name.


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However, I cannot select the other fields from the SF object to be sent to Jira


Those should be mappable in the Jira step. Are you not seeing them there?


Here is a help doc on mapping fields. And in case you’re not seeing some custom fields because they’re not in the sample data, here is a community doc on how to map those fields.