Create an API to link Notion & MyFitnessPal

  • 16 March 2022
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We started to use Notion at home, for organisation, menus, grocery lists, etc. Wanting to go a bit further, we discovered that it was possible to use Zapier to link some databases to our Notion. Sadly, this option doesn’t seem to be available with MyFitnessPal (yet), an app that allows to track the different nutrients in your daily food consumption, among other things. Basically, what we want to do is twofold : link every ingredient we use to MyFitnessPal database and associate these products to their nutritional value (fat, protein, salt, etc).

My questions are then as follow :
-Do you know if it’s already possible to link Notion & MyFitnessPal ?
-If not, could anyone create an API to do it, or link me to people who can do it ?

We are no coder ourselves, so it’s out of our possibilities on our own.
Thank you in advance

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3 replies

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Hi @Altarian 

Good question.


Here’s the MFP API documentation:

App APIs can be used in Zaps with the Webhooks app as an action step:

If you need help, consider hiring a Zapier Expert:



Thank you very much for your quick answer.

From what I can gather, isn’t a webhook just a way of getting notified of a change or an update? By using it, wouldn’t we just get some notification when there’s a change in MFP, without being able to access their database ?

Thank you for your answer, and your patience, as I am quite new to all of this.

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Webhooks in Zaps have 2 functions: triggers & actions

What you’ve described is a Zap webhook trigger a la Catch Hook, in Zap terms.

This would generate a unique webhook URL that can be placed in a origin app to send data payloads when specified events occur.

The origin app would have to support sending webhooks. (This of this as push data from one app to another app)

From what I can see in the MFP API Docs and GSearches, there is no mention of webhooks.

You can reach out to MFP support for clarification whether their app supports webhooks, and if so, how to configure those.


Otherwise, you’d have to use the MFP API to pull new data, which is a different approach.