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Copy Google Calendar event only if busy

  • 31 January 2022
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I would like to copy events from one calendar to another but only if the event is BUSY not if FREE.

I ahve found the template to copy google calendar entries, but I can’t see a way to modify it based on fields

Is this possible?


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6 replies

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Hi @JJ Shaw 

Not sure there is a data point that comes thru on the GCal Zap trigger that indicates Availability State: Busy/Free

You may have to use a different data point to search/filter those GCal results.

Thanks Troy - I did concider that, but I am struggling to find something suitable.

In Zapier filter there is an option called confirmed which would be suitable but that doesn’t appear on google calendars or my android calendar app. There are both visibility and free/busy which appear in the app/google but don’t appear in Zapier.

I can’t see any other suitable fields. The best I can come up with is to prefix the title with “SYNC” or some such, but that is a bit annoying when there are other fields that seem to be far more suitable. It is a shame that they aren’t available in both places!

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Hey @JJ Shaw, welcome to the Community! :)

As you’ve spotted there isn’t a specific ‘Availability’ field that gives details of whether an event is ‘Free’ or ‘Busy’. But, when an event is marked as 'Free', a field called Transparency with the value 'transparent' is added:
This Transparency field does not exist on events that are marked as 'Busy'.

So you’d want to add a Filter step that checks that the Transparency field Does not exist:
This would ensure that the Zap only continues if the event is ‘Busy’, not ‘Free’.

Hope that helps. Please do keep us in the loop on how you get on with this! :)

Thanks, that works, but now that I have found out I have to pay £15/month just to sync a few calendar entries, I think I will code it myself!

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Thanks for that tip about the “Transparency”!

Could we get that updated on the GCal Help articles?

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Glad to hear that worked, @JJ Shaw! Ah yes, the extra Filter step would indeed require one of our paid plans. Sorry that’s not an ideal solution right now.

Sure thing, @Troy Tessalone! I’ve put through a request to get that information added to the Google Calendar help documentation. I can’t give any promises as to exactly when it may be actioned but it’s been submitted to the relevant team to review and work on! :)