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Contentful doesn't pull image URLs

  • 14 April 2020
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I am attempting to automate posts from our Contentful CMS to Pinterest. (I just did Instagram → Pinterest and it worked great!)


Contentful doesn’t seem to be returning any image URLs. Here’s a look at image data from a Contentful sample:



fields__heroImage__en-US__sys__type: Link

fields__heroImage__en-US__sys__linkType: Asset

fields__heroImage__en-US__sys__id: 1K80DstJyQanu3gZ1nqTG4



Not super useful. Any ideas? 


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8 replies

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Hey Eric,

After taking a look at this, it appears that it's going to require some further investigation. I'm escalating this to our Support team, who will be able to provide you with a timely resolution.

Sorry to bounce you around, but they really will be best equipped to help you out with this one :)

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Thank you, Nick. 

I’m looking for the exact same solution, but in my case I need the image URL from Contentful so I can use it as the featured image in an RSS feed. I’ve scoured the Contentful community forums, to no avail. Hopefully Zapier has a way of parsing it properly! 

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Hi @dougmcarthurvexxit 

Are any of the fields you get back from the Contentful trigger data anything like a URL?

The entire Contentful Zap has been removed - has it be discontinued? 

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Hi @acmpat! Contentful currently has an "Invite Only" status, which means the developers for the new integration have not completed all our quality assurance steps and the app is not available publicly yet - only privately.


If you did have access but don’t any more, I’d suggest reaching out to the person who gave you the invite initially. 🙂

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If any other members are having trouble with Contentful Zaps, I wanted to follow up on this one. 

Contentful are no longer supporting their Zapier integration. If you’re seeing errors in Zaps that use the Contentful integration, it’s probably related to that. You also you wont be able to create new Zaps or add new steps in existing Zaps using the Contentful integration as it’s no longer publicly available.  

You can see apps that integrate with Zapier here:

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Thank you for following up Ms. Danvers. I have to say, I’m not very impressed with Contentful.

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