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  • 27 July 2020
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Is anyone using Company Cam to manage photos/projects and integrating with Asana for tasks? Or other photo apps for project management integrating with Asana?


Currently trying to set up triggers in the photo software (Company Cam) that are associated with Project numbers and how to get these to flow through to Asana to create tasks under the same corresponding project numbers in Asana.



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3 replies

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Hey there! I haven’t used company cam myself - Looks like it’s in Beta for the moment. Can you give us some more info on what you’re trying to do please, and where you’re running into issues. 

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Thanks Andy!

We’re not necessarily set on sticking with Company Cam. Perhaps there are better solutions out there for what we need. We’re a roofing company, I pm the commercial division so we’re dealing with big projects. In a nutshell, what we’d like to be able to do…

  • take photos on site (via phone/tablet)
  • have photos automatically go into their corresponding projects
  • mark up photos to bring attention to certain areas/concerns
  • make comments on photos
  • everyone on the team can see the photos, mark ups, and comments
  • notify specific team members on certain photos
  • have the notifications/comments flow through to Asana (or other task based software) as a task under the same corresponding project

Hope that makes sense. We’re open to looking at other software/apps. 


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Hi @saramfoss!

One thing I can think of is if you were able to associate a tag in Company Cam with a project in Asana, which you could do using a lookup table (a function in our Formatter app).

Then in the Asana step of your Zap, instead of choosing a particular project from the dropdown, you’d use the custom value option. If you’re still interested in building out this workflow, please let me know and I can dig in some more for you :)