cant post on LInkedin

  • 18 May 2021
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I’m trying to post from email by zapier and from google doc to Linkedin and having trouble with the set up the likedein triger

every time i try to test it i get this feedback

The app returned "com.linkedin.content.common.ResponseException: To scrape article, URL must be passed in : {ugcOrigin=API, lifecycleState=PUBLISHED, visibility={com.linkedin.ugc.MemberNetworkVisibility=PUBLIC}, specif...". Show details


any ideas?

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4 replies

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@kfir menashe

Can you send a screenshot of the configuration page? 


It looks like the issue is with a URL in the post, try removing the URL and test.

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i hope this is the screenshot you meant 

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@kfir menashe 

FYI: If you’re trying to link to a GDoc, the GDoc on GDrive must be publicly accessible.

Check your GDoc file sharing permission and adjust accordingly:

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thanks, i will check it out, but it also happens with email by zapier