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Canceling a subscription in Stripe

  • 26 March 2020
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Here’s my Zap.

I need to enter a step between 2 and 3 that cancels a user’s subscription in Stripe. However, I don’t see a trigger in Strip to do this.

When I add Stripe, I see that I can, “Update User,” and that there’s a metadata field that I could possibly use to do that, but if that’s the right way to do it, I’m not sure what to actually put in those fields. There’s probably a better way to do this anyway.


The subscription in Stripe is created through Thinkific where they access course information. Along with the course comes access to our community in Mighty Networks.

However, instead of going back to Thinkific to cancel their subscription, sometimes users just close their account our Mighty Networks community thinking that will end their subscription. We’re setting up this Zap to ensure that happens.

The problem is, unenrolling from a course in Thinkific doesn’t end their subscription in Stripe. People will close their account in Mighty Networks and be unenrolled from the course in Thinkific, but they’re still being charged our monthly fee with no way to cancel it.

Thinkific recommended adding a step that finds the subscription in Stripe and cancels it, but I don’t see an easy option for that step. I reached out to Stripe about it and they said it’s possible with their API, but that I’d need to reach out to Zapier to ask how to set that up.

Soooo, here I am. Anyone know how to end a subscription in Stripe through Zapier?


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Hi @rockinyp Thanks for your question!


I can see that you also reached out to our Support team about this and they suggest using the Metadata section in the Update Customer action


Was that able to do what you needed it to?

@Danvers Thanks for the response!

I was looking into that, but also discovered that I’m not sure how to bring in the proper Stripe customer info. It wants a customer ID or transaction ID. I can bring in the customer’s email address from a previous step in the Zap, but not sure how to look-up the appropriate ID for that customer to give Stripe the info it wants here.

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To find the customer ID or transaction ID, you’ll need to use a search step: Find Customer or Find Transaction respectively. 


The result of the search will include the ID, which you can use in the next steps of the Zap. Search steps are super handy whenever you need to use a custom value!