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Cancel access to event after Demio on-demand event watched?

  • 24 August 2021
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Hello all

Hope you are all safe and well

My first post here so apologies if I am asking a daft question.

I am wondering if it is possible to automatically cancel a unqiue Demio event registration link for anyone using Zapier?

I have created Zaps that automatically register people to our Demio webinar events using google sheets and zapier and it saves me so much time and I love it.

What would really help me next is if it is possible after a certain trigger in the webinar happens (such as the on-demand event was watched until the end or an action that is recorded in Demio’s insights - poll voting or attendance percentage achieved or a forwarding URL is triggered) the attendees unique access link to that event is cancelled.

I am looking to run an on-demand webinar of pre-recorded content through Demio but want it to be a one-time watch only. The presentation may be available for a 2 week period for any attendee to watch but I am looking for that presentation to only be watch by the delegate once during that 2 week period if that makes sense.

I have figured out that the unique link that is generated at registration for each attendee can be manually cancelled by me by going to a standard URL and adding their link code to the end of it. Then I can cancel their registration and access to that webinar by clicking another url action link.

What I am looking for is if this process can be automated in any way once they meet a certain criteria such as attendance = 100% or the URL forwarding at the end of the video watch is triggered to the attendee?

I see a Zap is already configured for something to happen once a registrant joins a webinar through Demio. I suppose what I am looking for is a Zap to do something once someone has watched a webinar in full.

Ideally the registration link would be cancelled but even if I can trigger an email to me saying x person has just watched all the webinar would be good enough too - so that I could then manually cancel their registration.

Unfortunately any Demio On-Demand link can be shared or restarted whilst the entire event is on-going and I am trying to create a one-time only watch of the webinar if possible

Any help or advice or guidance would be really appreciated for those wiser than I

Kind regards



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Hi @Bob Roberts 

The Demio API doesn’t even appear to have the desired endpoints available:

Hi Troy

Thanks so much for the time taken to reply.

I’m a complete novice sorry and don’t fully understand what you mean by the endpoints being available.

My original post was me living in a dreamworld of what I hoped could be possible and thinking out loud of what would be great for me. I don’t have the smarts to even know where to begin or if it is possible but I really appreciated your response and the link provided.

Does your link show the outcomes of a Demio event that Zapier can work from with a trigger? If so I am interested in the completed choice status as opposed to the left early and attended options.

I apologise if I am wasting your time with my lack of understanding and comprehension of Zapier here and don’t want to come across like a fool or being clueless of what is possible or what can and cannot be done but…

I’m a fool who is a bit clueless of what is possible and what can or cannot be done.

I don’t even fully understand how Zapier works or what it does if I’m being honest but it blows my mind that a schmuck like me can make a Google sheet of email addresses auto-register a heap of people into my Demio event without me doing anything other than a few clicks. It’s like mega magic to me

I was thinking if this dumb yorkshire guy can do that quite quickly, imagine what could be possible by someone with a real brain and understanding of the product.

I might be getting too excited by what Zapier is capable of and don’t mind being told I’m dreaming and I’m out of my depth here. It wouldn’t be the first time and won’t be the last but I was just curious and inspired to ask

I’m trying to figure out a way that once an attendee has watched the video presentation in full I can either end their access link automatically or be notified they have watched it to end their link myself manually.

If I can figure this I’d be one happy chap but I might be asking for the moon on a stick I realise

Thanks again for replying Troy. I really appreciate it sir


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Welcome to the Community @Bob Roberts! :)

First off, you are not dumb at all, and there are no daft questions here!

Sometimes if an app integration doesn’t have certain triggers or actions available then it’s often possible, with the help of a Webhooks by Zapier step, to reference the app’s API documentation and use its relevant endpoints to communicate between the app and Zapier. I believe what Troy was alluding to here is that Demio’s API doesn’t have the endpoints needed to communicate the desired information between Demio and Zapier, in order to allow the Zap to trigger when the webinar has been watched/attended and remove the link/access.

I’ve been doing some digging on this end and we do have an existing feature request for the ability to trigger a Zap when a registrant attends a Demio webinar which sounds like it would be the ideal trigger event for the desired workflow here. So I’ve gone ahead and added your vote for that trigger to be added to the Demio integration.

I don’t have an ETA on when it would be added but we will definitely notify you by email as soon as it is!