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Can you convert missed calls into leads using API (without expensive VoIP software)?

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I’m looking for a way to process missed calls from our business and convert them into leads on Airtable, via Zapier.

Are there any apps that you can route a call to if no-one answers, and it will allow basic access to the API (date/time & number called from)?

I know you can do it through telephone/VoIP systems like RingCentral, but it’s too expensive and more than we need.



Best answer by jesse 20 May 2022, 05:09

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@Hyde Interesting question! My instinct was going to be to direct you to a service like RingCentral or any of the Phone/SMS apps we support, here:

Is the issue that you don’t want to switch to a paid phone service and that you want to trigger off of missed calls from a regular business line? If so, do you receive any email notifications of those missed calls?

Let me know if I am on the right track here in understanding what you’re looking to do!

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Hi @jesse thanks for response - yep, that’s right.

I see where you’re going with the email notification question… I’ve just set it up to auto-process voicemails from an email (using parser and google drive), so they’re added to our system. Unfortunately the phone provider doesn’t have a feature where you can get an email from a missed call (I just spoke to them to check).

Any other ideas??

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@Hyde ahh, bummer! I was really hoping we could use a voicemail email notification. 😔

If you’re not willing to switch to a VOIP app, the only other option I can think of would be to see if your missed call notifications could somehow tie into one of these notification apps:

I’m not sure if this would actually work, though, and it might result in you still having to pay for an app. Otherwise, I think your best bet really is to choose a VOIP app to trigger this workflow.