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can't create an @mention in Buffer via API for Facebook post

  • 2 February 2023
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Hi All,

I am working on automating social media posts for Facebook and Instagram with buffer. As this is the best place for me to schedule them by adding them to the queu.


What i noticed is that with several option's i've tried to create the correct @mention in the FB post (haven't done this for Instagram yet, but would expect the same logic)


I've tried the following:

I've used the following URL

the part of “hetbestevanlokaal” is the unique identifier, which also is found as 110348757776254 


I used the following documentation of Buffer:

I tried several options

But none does the trick of having the correct @mention in buffer.

Anyone an idea which formatting is should use?


KR Bram






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6 replies

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Hey @Bram! I’m wondering: Do either of these sound like the situation you’re running into?

Keep us posted!

Hi Jesse,

thanks for the suggestions but unfortunately, neither as this has to do with creating a FB post in Buffer.


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Hi @Bram!

Based on the Facebook API docs for Pages, have you tried:


So you would include the @ symbol, the square brackets and the user ID, like this:


Can you see if that works?

Hi Nick,


Sorry for the late reply was away for the weekend, It seems to be succesful! Eventhough Buffer doesn't show it as a tag within their plannend message it does create the tag when the post is being created!

Now the hard part comes, how to retrieve automatically the ID Number of the different Facebook pages i would like to tag, as using the “/hetbestevanlokaal” does not work…

Any idea on easy, automatic retrieval? As currently I have to visit each page and look for the about section and find the info there.






Also i was wondering, this kind of information is i think quiet important, and will be used a lot.

Wouldn't it be great, to have this kind of information stored with the Text field in and ï”icon? and also other fields if necessary? 


thats a good use